Rent a Car. It is useful to know!

Want to see Florida? Do it better from a car window . So you will have much more time to travel around all the sights in the shortest time . Financial costs , it will not much more expensive than traveling by public transport. That’s just their personal time you will dispose of their own, and not depend on the schedules of buses and poezdov.V this beautiful country with a long history enough companies with a car rental.

What documents need to be in possession of to rent a car in Florida?

Of course, right . This may be an international driver ‘s license or Ukrainian law, in which your data is written in Latin letters.

Rent a car can only person who has attained the age of 21.

Assortment of cars in rental companies .

Selecting car rental companies , is wide and varied . Here you can find and economy options and super expensive cars . The list looks like this:
– Economy ;
– Medium ;
– Business options ;
– Staged cars ;
– Motorcycles ;
– For sports cars ;
– Minibuses ;
– Buses ;
– Limousine ;
– Retro cars .

It is noteworthy that renting a car with diesel fuel will cost several times cheaper than renting an “iron horse” with a gasoline engine . Separate , but a mandatory rule , not carry any with him in the trunk of fuel cans .

A little about the lease.

If you plan to go to Florida and rent a car there , it is best to pre- Internet or telephone to book your favorite model .

Cost per week rental car ranges 400 euros. But everything depends on the car itself , its make, model and class.

Renting a car at the airport immediately after arrival you will spend much more money than if it had made a booking in advance. Yes and the machine will have to choose from the range, which at the moment will be parked . At the same booth rental companies are located in the airport building that very convenient.