Features rental vans

Rental vans are in great demand in those cases when it is necessary to organize a guided tour , nature trips a big company , a trip to another city, small or large group. Also, this service is often in demand for events where you need to transport guests and other transport or not, or not enough.

Popularity rental vans substantiated several obvious reasons :
– A large number of people who need to take the place of the group ;
– Fair value . For example , renting a few luxury cars cost several times more expensive than renting a bus or business class luxury . And so , simply call the company and rented a bus that can accommodate groups of 10 to 30 people or even more.

– Comfort trip. Modern vans and buses Lessors have a fairly high level of comfort to the passengers during the trip could not only enjoy the view outside the window, but also convenient to go and relax. In particular, most brands have soft seats , air conditioning, TV and DVD- player.

– The ability to clearly align travel schedule , namely the exact departure time , number of stops along the way and the exact arrival time . This will enable the group to gather all the right people in one place at one time.
Features of a bus .

The first thing to consider when choosing a vehicle – it’s up to him . Accordingly, for this it is best to know the exact number of members of the trip. If you have 15 people , it is better to rent a bus for 18. Never know , someone can go to a far-fetched at the last moment . However , this option is best seen in the case of corporate travel .

Second , the equipment bus directly affects the level of ride comfort . If we take the usual standard , then special comfort can not count as domestic manufacturers are not so good staff the active form of transport. Comfortable for long trips better pay attention to brands such as Mercedes Benz, Neoplan , or Man.

Third, the technical condition of the buses. As a rule , buses Lessors undergo regular maintenance and have all relevant documents, which you can check out. And if all is well , then quietly sign the contract .