Tips when renting a car

Rental vehicles in recent years become increasingly popular service . More and more people are taking a car, resorting to this kind of transport companies . There are plenty of reasons why car rental greatly simplifies life and helps in different situations. These may be – organizing weddings and wedding entourage, meeting business partners at the airport or train station , the need for temporary replacement of broken personal car , a vacation trip or just to visit relatives – in all these cases, the car rental as well as possible to the article .

Usually transport companies offer two basic options of putting cars for hire – with driver or without .
Rent a car c driver – probably the most common type of service . In this case, the rental price is calculated for each hour of use of the vehicle , the mileage or mileage. This is the best option if you need to remove the car to meet a business partner at the airport or train station if you want to create a beautiful wedding procession , or if you require a car for a short period of time. Rent a car without a driver – a suitable option if you are planning a trip across the country , a trip to nature, to the relatives in the village or to the cottage to friends. In this case, payment of rent charged arednu , and, the longer the rental car , the lower the value of the car in terms of per day .

Before getting behind the wheel of a rental car , inspect the car body , lights and glass on the possible presence of cracks, scratches or other damage . Mark them on the company’s letterhead (or contract hire ) in duplicate. In this case, you will not have problems with the return of the car when the time comes. Also , note that the car license plates agrees with the documents on the car and contract hire.

Following these simple tips will save you from possible problems with car rental and help make the right choice when considering proposals from transportation companies.